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Bazaar Express Egyptian Gifts Department in Hurghada, Egypt offers handmade souvenirs crafted by Egyptian artisans These souvenir items start at $1 and serve as memorable gifts for tourists

1 Magnet A small decorative item featuring Egyptian symbols or landmarks

2 Scarab Represents the ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, good luck, and transformation

3 Egyptian God Bes Depicts the god Bes, associated with protection, childbirth, and fertility

4 3 Pyramids Acrylic Miniature acrylic replicas of the iconic Egyptian pyramids

5 Cleopatra Acrylic A depiction of the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra

6 Nefertiti Acrylic Depicts Queen Nefertiti, known for her beauty and grace

7 Tutankhamon Nefertiti Acrylic Features both King Tutankhamun and Queen Nefertiti in acrylic form

8 Tutankhamun's Acrylic Represents the iconic pharaoh King Tutankhamun

9 Anubis Acrylic Depicts the ancient Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife

10 3D Pyramids Three-dimensional models of the Egyptian pyramids

11 Sphinx Acrylic Features the mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human

12 Sphinx Sandstone Represents the Sphinx carved from sandstone

13 Egyptian Candlestick Isis Sandstone A candle holder featuring the Egyptian goddess Isis

14 Anubis Sandstone Depicts the god Anubis carved from sandstone

15 Owl Night Hunter Sandstone Represents the owl, a symbol of wisdom, carved from sandstone

16 The God Thoth Sandstone Depicts the god Thoth, associated with writing and wisdom

17 Thutmose III Sandstone Represents the pharaoh Thutmose III carved from sandstone

18 Horus With Crown Sandstone Depicts the god Horus wearing his crown, carved from sandstone

19 King Horemheb Sandstone Represents the pharaoh Horemheb carved from sandstone

20 Anubis Seated Sandstone Depicts the seated form of the god Anubis carved from sandstone

21 The Egyptian Writers Sandstone Represents ancient Egyptian scribes, carved from sandstone

22 King Tut Sandstone Depicts the pharaoh King Tutankhamun carved from sandstone

23 Egyptian Goddess Bastet Cat Sculpture Sandstone Features the goddess Bastet in the form of a cat, carved from sandstone

24 Queen Nefertiti Sandstone Represents Queen Nefertiti carved from sandstone

25 Elephant Sandstone Represents the elephant, a symbol of strength and power, carved from sandstone

Visit our website and enjoy free shipping within Egypt, specifically in the city of Hurghada International shipping is also available for a fee Experience the beauty and craftsmanship of our handmade Egyptian souvenirs, starting at just $1 Shop now at Bazaar Express and bring a piece of Egypt's rich culture and history into your home

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